Class Descriptions

  All Levels

     Based on a blend of power yoga sequence this class is accessible to all ages and abilities.  With modifications available to you, you can begin to build balance, strength and endurance   All Levels will target areas such as flexibility, increasing range of motion, and core work.  This class is great for those who are looking for it all.  Class duration is 60 minutes and the room is heated to 90-95 degrees.



     Our signature calss will offer you the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and grow in ways you never thought possible.  You do not have to be an expert yogi to enjoy this class, just up for the challenge to grow.  The room is heated to 95-100 degrees, which boosts your energy throughout the sequence, helps to cleanse the body of toxins and heats your muscles for a safer stretch.  You have the power to amaze yourself.  Class durations is 75 minutes.


Gentle Flow


     This class is offered at a slower pace, designed to reduce stress allowing the body to relax and muscle to settle.  Gentle flow uses many different philosophies of yoga to help focus on the basics breathing, stretching and movement techniques.  The goal is to achieve a stronger more limber feeling body leaving you feeling energized and refreshed.  Class duration is 60 minutes and heated to 80-85 degrees.