Christian Trueb Owner/Instructor

     Christian is a native of Ellington and has always been surrounded by enthusiasm for sport and fitness.   He is a WITS certified personal trainer and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor.  At the beautiful Menla Mountain Retreat Center in the Catskill Mountains he developed his passion for power yoga, and has completed level II instructor training under power yoga innovator Baron Baptiste, founder of the prestigious Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.

     "I connected immediately to yoga, and that connection evolved into passion.  I love the self-awareness I have discovered through my practice.  The feeling of being “connected” is very powerful.  My desire is to help others to discover their own physical and spiritual strength and power through yoga and fitness."


Katrina Foy-Instructor

     I found yoga in a time of personal unrest and it saved me. My practice had been sporadic for years and it was not until my mind was in such a desperate need for focus that the effects of my yoga practice truly resonated.  Since then, my yoga has gone up and down and back and forth.  I need something different every day.  And that’s what keeps it so incredibly exciting and invigorating to practice.

     I graduated from Yoga to the People's (NYC) Vinyasa 200-hr training in 2011 and completed my Advanced Mentor-ship at the 300-hour level with Good Yoga in Brooklyn (Instructors include Flannery Foster, Amy Santos, Rebekah Nagy, & Casey Beauchamp).  Additional training includes workshops with Narelle Carter-Quinlan and Alison West on yoga for spinal care at the Yoga Union for Backcare and Scoliosis, kids training with Om-Schooled and Sarah Herrington, and Hands-On Adjustments with Jacob Kyle Yoga


Erica Pyznar - Instructor

Erica was introduced to yoga in high school, but didn't become serious about her practice until her early 20s. As a college athlete and avid runner, Erica used yoga to compliment strength training and to ease the soreness that came with high-intensity cardio sessions. She now views yoga as an exercise in and of itself, one that not only works the body, but also the mind.
Through yoga she has learned to release things that no longer serve her, let go of things that prevent her from living fully, and free herself of harsh judgment. She learned to appreciate herself and the world around, she hopes to be able to help her students do the same.
Erica completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in June 2017 at The Yoga Shop and is certified in LivFree Power. Erica prides herself on teaching an energetic, challenging class while also speaking to the mind and spirit.
She is originally from Connecticut, and recently moved back to the state after spending the last 6 years in New York City. She now lives in Hebron with her fiance and her Bullmastiff, Lambeau.  

Melody Smith.JPG

Melody Smith - Instructor

Growing up in Ellington, Ct Melody has always led a very active lifestyle, with running, biking and swimming as her favorite ways to stay fit. She was introduced to yoga while she was in college and truly feels it changed the way she approaches life. Yoga has helped her to feel powerful and strong, yet calm and steady. She is ever humbled by her personal practice and believes that yoga allows her to continually grow in awareness of herself. Melody completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in January 2017 through Frog Lotus Yoga in the beautiful countryside of Andalusia, Spain. Her classes will leave students feeling sweaty and empowered, while at the same time more in-tune with the connections that is mind, body and spirit.


Nina Caron - Studio Manager/Instructor

I started my journey of yoga about 4 years ago.  I was heavy into crossfit and after some time of lifting weights I soon realized the impact It was having on my body, I started to really do long lasting damage to my neck.  After a couple rounds of physical therapy, I started looking for a different avenue for recovery and relief.  After about 6 months of yoga my neck was pain free.  Once I learned I could fix my own body through yoga I was instantly hooked.  Fast Forward 4 years later I Traveled to the Catskills of New York where I participated in 100-hour Level 1 Baptiste Yoga Training.  I trained with Baron Baptiste for a week and dove into the methodology learning things about myself and growing my practice to a space I never knew I had.    Yoga has opened so many doors for me personally and really taught me how to connect what I was thinking in my head to my body.  Once I was able to connect those two I knew I could practice yoga for a lifetime.  Today I am still able to grow my practice into new space each and every time I step on my mat.  I only hope that I as I begin my teaching practice that I can help assist you into self-inquiry and connecting that within your body.