"I knew the minute I walked in the Yoga room that the Winter Solstice Workshop was going to be phenomenal. The whole experience was mind-blowing.  The long slow stretching with Katrina speaking in the background, helping our mind melt away to relaxation while our bodies let go of the stress.  I eagerly await news on the next workshop with Katrina. She is absolutely amazing!  Thank you Christian and Nina for making this guys are doing a great job bringing new things into the studio!!"

     "A big congrats to you both for organizing a successful 40 day challenge!  I stepped in and up to the challenge with the hopes of completing it...just completing it.  I set the bar low because I hadn't been practicing regularly but I figured what the heck...I'll do what I can!  It was a crazy 40 days...the first two weeks were was just about getting thru each day and each body was tired and I thought...I might not make it to day 40.  Then things changed...I caught the excitement from the rest of the group, I LOVED putting my sticker on the board with the others, cheering ourselves on, enthusiasm, it's contagious!  We hear from the front of the room, no judging on your mat, do what YOU can do, never mind what's happening next to front of you or behind you, but you know what, sometime that inspired me...seeing someone struggle, go into childs pose, letting their body rest a moment.  My thoughts were always...good for you, take care of  yourself, and up they would pop and continue their practice.  I fed off that strength.  It made me stronger...inside.  I loved on that on occasion, people would challenge themselves with a pose at the end of everyone was rolling up their mats.  Watching a fellow yogi dig deep with too is inspiring.  As the challenge drew to an end, I was met with personal problems, which made it impossible to come to a few classes, but I believe in my heart, that because I was so well into the challenge, that my steady diet of being on my mat, allowed me to deal with the difficulties that kept me away from the studio.  I could remain calm and supportive for my spouse and my energy level kept me going thru some long days (and weeks).  I have been twisted and wrung out, I feel lighter and more energized.  I feel a calmness to my soul...I'll continue this journey knowing now the importance of making time for myself on my mat.  I like this version of me......(a few inches smaller everywhere it matters, added bonus). Thank you for that Christian and Nina ❤  I look forward to the next challenge....Namste on my mat for as long as I can"

    "The 40 day challenge that truebody offered was truly life changing. As a former weight lifter I didn't know how hard this would be, but from day one I was challenged both mentally and physically, and the results soon followed. I soon realized I didn't need to lift weights to be strong, this was all I needed. Every session is an intense workout and will totally transform your mind and body. I lost 9 lbs in just 40 days while maintaining muscle, and I feel fantastic. My diet has improved as have my sleep habits. The staff at truebody are all very knowledgeable and continue to help me towards my goals. I have complete faith that if I continue with going to yoga here I will be in the best shape of my life at 32 years old"